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1. HDXWILL for processing personal information processes personal information for the following purposes and does not use it for any purpose other than the following purposes.
- Identifying customers' intention to sign up, identifying and certifying themselves according to service provision to customers, and maintaining membership.The payment of an amount, supply of goods or services by management, supply of goods or services.shipping, etc.

2. Processing and retention period of personal information
① HDXWILL or below processes/holds personal information within the agreed personal information retention / period of use or personal information under statutes when collecting personal information from the information subject.

② Specific personal information processing and retention periods are as follows.
☞ Refer to the examples below and state the period of retention, related statutes, grounds, etc. of personal information processing and personal information processing.
(Example)- Customer subscription and management: Until the termination of a service contract or membership: Provided, That in the event of a bond/debt relationship remaining, the relevant bond/debt relationship is settled;

3. Users of the rights, duties, and methods of exercise of information subjects and legal representatives may exercise the following rights as personal information subjects:
① The information subject may exercise the following privacy rights for HDXWILL at any time:
1. Requesting personal information access
2. Request correction in case of errors, etc.
3. Request for deletion
4. Request Processing Stopping

4. Creating items for personal information processing
① HDXWILL handles the following personal information items:

5. In principle, HDXWILL destroys personal information without delay if the purpose of personal information processing is achieved. Procedure, deadline, and method for revocation are as follows.

-Dismissal procedure
The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after achieving the purpose (in case of paper, separate documents) and destroyed immediately after being stored for a certain period of time in accordance with the internal policy and other related statutes.
At this time, personal information transferred to DB is not used for any other purpose except by law.

If the personal information of a user has expired, within five days from the end of the retention period, the purpose of personal information processing shall be achieved, the service concerned shall be abolished,
If the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as the termination of the project, the personal information shall be destroyed within five days from the date it is deemed unnecessary to process personal information.

6. Matters concerning the installation, operation, and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices;
HDXWILL does not use 'cookies' that store information of the information subject and are frequently recalled.

7. Preparation of the person responsible for personal information protection
① HDXWILL is responsible for handling personal information and the person in charge of personal information protection as follows for handling complaints and damage relief of information subjects related to personal information processing: I'm specifying it.

▶ Person in charge of personal information protection
Name : OOO
Position : OOO
Position : OOO
Contact : 000-0000-0000
※ We are connected to the department in charge of personal information protection.

▶ Department in charge of personal information protection
Department name :
Contact :
Contact :

② The information subject is responsible for personal information protection and the department in charge of personal information protection for all inquiries, complaints, and damage relief that occurred while using HDXWILL's service (or business). You can inquire. HDXWILL will answer and process inquiries from the information subject without delay.

8. Changing the privacy policy
①This Privacy Policy is applied from the date of enforcement, and if there is any addition, deletion, or correction of changes in accordance with statutes or policies, it will be notified through a notice seven days before the implementation of the changes.

9. Measures to secure personal information HDXWILL takes technical, administrative and physical measures necessary for securing safety as follows in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act:

① Establishing and implementing an internal management plan
We have established and implemented an internal management plan for the safe handling of personal information.

② Access control for unauthorized personnel
We have a separate physical storage area for personal information and establish and operate access control procedures.